Audi emerges as Top Luxury Car Maker in India in Q1 2013


2013 may have been the year when the automobile industry in India went through a slight slump but there were some brands that performed quite well. The industry witnessed a drop of 7 percent in the FY 2013 but that did not stop a slew of cars from making the headlines.

Renault Duster emerged as the surprise package with the car managing around 40,000 units making it the best selling SUV in its segment and the car has been received pretty well by the Indians. The car was launched in the year 2012 itself and within less than an year since its launch, the car managed to drive volumes for Renault that no other car in the company’s portfolio has been able to do.


Ertiga lead the pack in the MPV segment with the Innova, while the Swift was the king of the premium hatchback segment.

[box type=”shadow” ]Maruti Dzire was the best selling sedan in the country. Hyundai Verna was the best selling mid size sedan. But this is not where the competition is, the competition went to an all new level in the luxury car segment.[/box]

Talking about the first quarter of 2013, Audi has emerged to be the leader in the luxury car segment by selling 2,616 units and has dethroned BMW as the number 1 luxury car maker in the country.

Luxury Car Brands

The trouble for BMW does not stop here and even Mercedes Benz managed to surge ahead of its German compatriot by selling 2,009 units in the first quarter of 2013.

BMW on the other hand seems to have lost its sheen and the company managed a mere 1,465 units and out of those, 55 units were of the Mini range.

Units sold

Audi has been going the aggressive way for the Indian market and the company came on top with a 15% percent increase in the sales in the first quarter of 2013 when compared with the same time period last year.

Mercedes Benz witnessed a growth of 5%, while BMW was the worst hit and it witnessed a decline of around 40 percent in sales over the first quarter of 2012.

BMW plans on bringing in the 1 Series later this year to restore its dominance and Mercedes Benz will be bringing in the A-Class later this month to help it go north in the sales department.

[box type=”shadow” ]Audi’s volume cars such as the A3 are still far from launch in India so it is BMW and Mercedes Benz who’ll be entering the volume game for now and it will be interesting to watch how both these brand fare going forward.[/box]

BMW hopes to be number 1 in 2013 and Audi wants to keep its throne or be at least the number 2 luxury car maker in India.

The dark horse amidst this seems to be Mercedes Benz which has been gaining lost ground and it might just gain enough to be the leader of the German brethren once more.

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