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The power of blogging and Social Networking

The media landscape in India is changing. It literally takes minutes for a breaking news to spread across the globe. Nothing gets hidden from the users. Be it a highly classified video, or a scam or a simple news that should not have come in open. Nothing is a secret anymore, absolutely nothing. The two main reasons that have contributed immensely to this phenomenon are blogging and social networking.

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Indian Television: Get ready for another 100 TV channels

India television Sector growth

The Indian entertainment Industry is bubbling. With broadband making in-roads in Indian homes, the line between a Television Set and home computer is decreasing. With launching of various Indian channels on You tube and Hindi movies getting released purely on the internet, we are taking a leap forward in every way possible. And we have not yet even seen the power of IPTV.

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Indian Business Buzz Linking

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