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Your First Product Launch? Here is a Checklist…


First impression is the last impression. Also, you won’t get another chance to make that first impression, every body knows that. When you’re talking to a prospect about your new product launch, it helps them to know what exactly the product is all about and how can it enthuse them to go for your specific product from the wide range of choices available in the market.

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Startuppable Markets


[Guest post by Abhijeet Vijayakar] What environmental factors are necessary for startups to flourish? This question has been examined by several authors, and most have ...

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Crowd Sourcing-The Winning Edge For Your Business


Yes, you are reading it right. It indeed is Crowdsourcing and not Outsourcing that can give your business the winning edge. Unfortunately, Crowd Sourcing, a term first coined by Jeff Howe in his article The Rise Of Crowd Sourcing is not as famous as its rhyming twin- Outsourcing.

In it's most crude form, Crowd sourcing is nothing but harnessing the power of Crowd. On a much formal note, Crowd sourcing bears the ideology "More the brains, more the Solutions"…OK, I made that up :).

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