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Onmobile introduces audio ads on mobile platform: IS it too intrusive?


Mobile VAS company OnMobile launched an audio advertising platform for mobile operators. Called AdRBT (ad ringback tones), the service will play audio ads to callers when they dial a mobile number. onmobile To put it simply, when a caller calls a particular mobile phone, he/she will hear ads while the phone is ringing. In return mobile operator will offer incentives to the mobile user who subscribes to this services. Offcourse, the mobile operator will require a permission from subscriber to activate the service on his or her mobile phone.

The ads can be targeted based on the location and VAS usage of the caller. The VAS usage data gives information such as what handset the caller is using, whether he uses the roaming service, how often he travels abroad, the types of ringtones he downloads and the services he uses. OnMobile will also play ads in regional languages. Apart from choosing the profile of the customer, advertisers will also be able to specify the number of times they want their ad to be played in, say, a week or a month, says Tripathy. They can also specify how many times they want their ad to be played to a particular caller in a fixed time period.

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Top 50 Indian Advertising Agencies

Okay, so here we are with another list for you guys. The top 50 advertising agencies in India. These agencies are not in any order but based on Alphabetical order. So even if Lintas is one of the top Ad agencies in India, it shows at the last. Please use this list for reference purposes only as it provides information about the phone numbers, contact details address, email and even the website address. If you are looking for a Ad agency in India, go no further than this list !

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