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Is IT Sector Killing Itself and The Young Minds By Keeping Them “On Bench”


Figure out a few of the headlines in recent times,

“18,000 People On The Bench At Infosys”
“Mahindra Satyam places 500 associates on bench”

Not that this practice is something new, but it has never ceased to riddle me. Moreover, in the current economic downturn, with companies battling it out to maintain their profitability, these headlines sure signal a cause of worry.

I had wanted to write on it for quite sometime, but it was not until that I read this piece by Sramana Mitra who is asking what these 18,000 people are doing (Infosys Headline).

Not sure if I can answer this, since I was lucky enough to be un-benched quite early after joining the job. But, I have had my experiences and the ones I gathered from people around me. And believe me, they are anything but nice.

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