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Nunook community gaming network: how will users get hooked if they cannot register?


nunook Logo Community based gaming is growing at a fast clip in India. With majority of younger population hooked on to computers/ Internet more than ever before, this industry is set to grow even further.

Quite a few players have already set their foot firmly in this sector. Players like Indiagames, Zapak and Games2Win already command respectable user base. Additionally, other players like Indyarocks and FXlabs have made recent forays into this space.

Undoubtedly, community based gaming has a huge potential in India and the big names are set to exploit this potential growth.

I came to know about another startup in this space, when founder of Nunook mailed me about his startup. Here are my initial impressions.

The idea behind Nunook is a very good one - allowing users to compete against each other, creating your own unique avatars and in the process socializing and interacting with your friends.

I honestly was not too impressed as soon as I loaded the homepage (with quality of graphics and colours used). however, being a gaming site, one can understand heavy use of graphics.

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