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Peer Powered Cash for the masses

Remember the good old college days? When time flew, and money was scarce. How many of you borrowed from your friends to fuel endless chai, smokes and dates? You gave back the money when you could and you earned favours when you did the same…

MacBook Air–Review and Pricing !

MacBook Air – Is it really that airy? Here is quick review, specs and pricing of the new Apple Launch – The New Apple MacBook Air. The reviews for this new little puppy have been far and wide – and mind you, not all have been impressed.…

3G: Does this change everything?

Much has been written about 3G auctions and the speculation whether India is ready for 3G or not. I am of the lobby which thinks 3G has been long due and we certainly need it now! To give you a perspective of current 3G adoption BSNL grown…