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Software outsourcing comes a full circle!

Global Economy

Outsource to countries where the work can be done at cheaper cost than India. And Indian companies are doing exactly that - opening offices before their clients approach these countries by themselves. The advantage Indian companies have is, they have mastered the outsourcing game over last few years. So before countries like Vietnam rise in outsourcing space, they setup shop and capture the market share.

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Verdict on Indian Software Industry: Best in Quality and price !

India leads the pack in a big way in Global outsourcing game. And it is not due to cheap labor. It is due to High quality that Indian software companies produce. With Indian software wages sky-rocketing, India is no more cheapest. However, quality produced by Indians is still the compelling reasons for companies globally to turn to India to do their work.

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Top 200 list of H1B employers in the world !

Unsurprisingly, the Indian outsourcing dominate the list- In a Big Way ! Out of the top 5 companies, 4 of them from India. The only exception being Microsoft Corporation. The other significant US companies are IBM and Oracle who come 8th and 9th on the list. Interestingly, 10 Indian firms alone account for more than 20000 H1B visas- that is nearly 1/3rd of the all H1B visas issued.

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Now Indian Manufacturing Industry outsourcing work to China !

Outsourcing and India are synonym to each other. When most of us hear the words “outsourcing” or “offshoring”, the immediate picture that comes to our mind is of Software services and back office operations work done in India for companies in US, UK and other European countries. By now more than 75% of large American...

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