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Emerging IT Outsourcing Trends For Year 2010

IT Services Outsourcing Industry witnessed a rather dull year in 2009 majorly due to the slowdown of the global economy which led to organizations freezing their IT budgets. Banking and Manufacturing, which are the biggest customers for the…

Indian Internet dilemma!

I know each one of you is expecting an IPL post here, but I believe that you will be reading this post only if- 1. You are not watching IPL or 2. You are not watching IPL over youtube :). It’s amazing how this internet industry has…

Crowdsourcing done perfectly !

I have been wanting to write about this since I first saw the Lays Ad campaign featuring Saif Ali Khan. Do you remember the artist tattooing kareepatta on Saif’s hands ? That lays Ad has impressed me a lot – It is actually much more…
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