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Future of Handheld gaming devices!

Quick, tell me the name of few handheld gaming devices. What comes to your mind? PSP Vita, Nintendo DS, PSP Go! No? Let me take a wild guess, your mobile phone? Yes! And that is what I wish to talk about today. I was just browsing…

5 reasons why Games Truly Communicate!

Games cannot be compared to traditional mass media! I ask why not? Games are narratives. Narratives have messages. Media carries messages. Here are 5 attributes on which I measure the power of Games as a communication vehicle which have…

Gaming is a Life and Depth Matter!

Did you get the subtle connotation that the word Life has for Gamers? No? Read on anyways! We Gamers are a funny bunch. We need instant gratification, and you’d think we would quickly tire of our latest toy and want to move to another…
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