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Top 10 Trends India witnessed in 2011!

2011 witnessed quite a few new trends in 2011 - Anti-corruption trend was the biggest which shook the whole country. The ruling congress government did not expect the Jan Lokpal to assume such gigantic proportions. The Anna Hazare movement…

3 things everyone can do about corruption!

Why is corruption such a big deal? India’s GDP is growing at 7-9% per annum, and presumably will continue to blaze along for some time. So, why fret about corruption when things are looking rosy? What are we complaining about? Don’t we…

Is Lokpal bill enough?

Thanks to Anna Hazare’s initiative and supporters of ‘India Against Corruption’ that today Government has agreed to ponder over existing written laws against corruption. However, is this sufficient to change for better? I feel, the Jan…
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