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Reliance Big TV takes advantage of Airtel DTH teaser ads !

Airtel has entered the heated up DTH space. A bit late, but an entry nevertheless. It has launched an ad campaign, which runs for 10 seconds and tells the audience “See you at Home”. I could not guess what was happening and did not know it was for Airtel’s DTH. There was no logo or anything that can be related to Airtel except the red sofa. How do you expect me to guess it with a sofa? I could not guess but someone else did.

Watch the ad below:

Reliance guessed it. It used this as an opportunity and busted Airtel. It has used the same kind of ad and ended the ad with Reliance Big TV DTH service. What a way to bust Airtel ! Some call it cheap; some may even say, “How can Reliance stoop so low”. Reliance’s logic was there was no name to the ad and so no trademark’s associated with it. So why not capitalize on it. I agree. That’s a shame but its true.

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