HP Hotspot Printer Giveaway! [Updated]


Updated: 12th March 2013. – We have appended the list of weekly winners at the end of the post.

Trak.in readers now have a great opportunity to get HP Hotspot printer that we reviewed a few days back. You will have to simply tell us how HP Hotspot can be an asset to your office and you might just own one!

Over the next 4 weeks, selected 5 best entries will get a HP Hotspot printer each.


Participants need to:

Tell us how efficiently you can use HP Hotspot in your office and how it may help increase your productivity.

With HP Hotspot printer, apart from regular laser printing, copying, scanning and faxing, you can actually setup your entire small office network wirelessly within minutes. It can replace all your networking devices for upto 8 users, making it ideal for small offices, home offices and startups.

3 features that stand out for this printer are ePrint, Airprint and Hotspot/Direct print. These 3 features make it possible for the user to print not only from within their office wirelessly, but from any where in the world. It is as simple as sending an email to the printer (yes, each printer has its own unique email ID).

To know about more the product please read the detailed review here.

HP Hotspot Printer Giveaway

To participate, please follow these simple steps:

1) Read the review to know more about the HP Hotspot printer.

2) Leave a comment with your name (and Business / startup name), email ID and your feedback on the printer. (The comment has to be left on the this page itself)

3) The feedback comment should talk about how HP Hotspot printer can benefit your business.

See screenshot below

HP Hotspot printer giveaway

Please be as detailed as possible and all fields have to be filled in properly. Your comment has to be honest and truthful. If you do not like something about the printer or you want to see some more features on this printer, just let us know.

HP Hotspot Printer Giveaway Rules

  1. The giveaway will be offered to the best feedback / comment received.
  2. Incase of more than one “best” comments, we will do a lucky draw to find a single entry every week.
  3. Best selected entry will be announced every Monday.
  4. Trak.in has the sole discretion for choosing / rejecting the entries (Be rest assured we will be as fair as possible).
  5. We will get in touch with shortlisted entries on email / phone to check the authenticity.

The Giveaway will run for a period of 4 weeks till 11th March 2013.

During the first 3 weeks we will announce one best entry each. On 11th March, we will announce the final 2 best entries of the Hotspot.

Weekly Winning Entries

Week Shortlisted Entry Giveaway
Week 1 Namrata Balwani (Media2Win) – Comment Link One HP Hotspot Printer
Week 2 Turab A (A Hardware Store) – Comment Link One HP Hotspot Printer
Week 3 Honey Singh ( MediaZo.com) – Comment Link One HP Hotspot Printer
Week 4 Neil Sequeira (Buzz Factory)
Comment Link

Varun Singh (NGO – Jyoti Foundation) Comment Link

One HP Hotspot Printer to each

Update: March 12th 7:17pm

It was extremely tough to announce the winners. I went through each comment atleast thrice and along with 3 other people and have then come up with the decision. We had shortlisted 9 comments in final week and were planning to do a Lucky Draw, but after taking consensus from everyone, the winners of last 2 printers were announced.

So hearty congratulations to Neil and Varun! our Final week winners!

I wish to offer heartfelt thanks to all our commenters – The quality of comments were extremely high and something that I am really proud of..

  1. Power Cords says

    The LaserJet Pro M1218nfs comes with some decent features. It is a color MFP and is endowed with abilities such as printing, scanning, copying and faxing. The fax machine is capable of holding 500 pages in its memory in case of paper run-outs. The scanner has ADF for automatic scanning and faxing, and is effective in holding up to 35 pages in the paper input tray.

    Other features are:

    USB 2.0 for PC interface
    Ethernet port for wired networking
    Wi-Fi 02.11 b/g/n for wireless connectivity to an existing network
    JPEG, TIF (compressed and uncompressed), PDF, GIF, BMP file format
    25 – 400 percentage reduction and enlargement
    HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint and HP wireless direct

  2. Eldhose [ Authentic Kerala, Bluegrass] says

    We are a lean startup based in Cochin, building a holiday marketplace focused on packages to Kerala. As a startup, we try to avoid as much as paper work as possible. I think the one feature that makes HP Hotspot printer unique among others is the ePrint.

    For a tour package, things like payment details, itineraries, traveler details etc all will be in our servers. Currently we are manually making each and every document by entering the required information. There is a high chance of making mistakes which can really affect the holiday experience.

    The ePrint can really free the overhead of manual work, we can automate the process such that, whenever a booking confirmation is made, the document can be generated by sending it to the printer address. The Scan to E-mail is also a nice feature for sending tour feedback to the seller.

    Well they should call it the startup printer. I wish all the business here a success and thank you very much for the giveaway.

  3. Chiranjeev (TechClause) says

    First of all thanks for the great giveaway of HP Hotspot Printer.
    Here is what I think about HP Hotspot Printer. No doubt HP Hotspot Laserjet Pro M1218nfs MFP is one of the best Printer of HP. After reading the complete review of HP Hotspot Printer, I found it has really many great features.
    1. Wireless Hotspot and it’s Direct Printing features makes it great among other printers.
    2. Airprint is also great way to print directly form your iOS based devices. It doesn’t require any software installation.
    3. It has a nice feature known as ePrint. It allows anyone across the world to print to your printer by just sending an email only. This is one of the best feature of HP hotspot Printer.
    4. The main thing about this Printer is, it comes in just an affordable price. This great features comes in just 18K.
    So far as my view is concerned about this printer, I will recommend this HP Hotspot Printer, if you are looking for a complete featured printer for your office.

    The best feature I like most about this feature is it’s ePrinting service. It’s still wondering, How can I print a document by just sending an email.

    Chiranjeev Kumar

  4. Varun Singh says

    I would like to get this for my father/family. My family has recently started an NGO named “Jyoti Foundation” after my elder sister’s name. Even I am a Nominee and would soon be heading the NGO once I am graduated. The NGO is currently working on its first project i.e “Family Welfare Planning” and has to educate people in over 500 blocks. We already have two HP printers ( since we have our small office in our home itslef) which somehow still dont solve the purpose. The first one being HP PHOTO SMART ALL IN ONE C4200 which we bought back in 2010 solved the purpose of scanning copying etc but the printing cost was just too much and since we had a lot to print so we ended up buying a HP DESKJET 1000 printer which had affordable B&W and Colored Printing. and then the PHOTOSMART printer was used just as a scanner and occupys a lot of space even now. But now both the printers do not solve the purpose or our “new necessity” i.e now we need to print documents / Scan Voter ID cards/Copy/Fax Documents etc on the go since we have to travel a lot i.e through 500 blocks.

    Using this printer my dad and the other members can easily print/copy/scan/fax documents on the go and since its a LASERJET printer it will cope up with the duty cycle also and the printing will be quite affordable also.
    1) Using this we ( father and other NGO members ) can easily operate since the printer allows 8 wireless users to connect and therefore is the most ideal network setup for a small office as ours :)

    2) The Airprint allows us to Print documents that we recieve on our tablets or mobile phones wirelessly saving our time and this way we can avoid the hectic process of conencting the adapters to systems then copying printing etc. Using Airprint It will be a cakewalk :)

    3) The HP eprint (HP Printers remain to be our favourite ) will add a feather to the cap and would ease our job when my father/other members are at remote areas training people about family welfare planning and dealing with those hundreds of documents, they can easily forward the mails that they recieve on their mobiles and can save themselves from creating labels and then coming back home and dealing with pending mails ( that too after connecting the adapters etc )
    HP AIRPRINT and HP EPRINT will alone reduce their work drastically.

    4) Not only this, The two printers (out of which one is good for nothing) occupy a lot of workspace in our Small Office. The New HP LASERJET printer will occupy less space and will also work as a FAX Machine which is at times very useful when dealing with people in towns etc and urgent documents are required. People in villages and some at towns (who ofcourse are a subject to family welfare planning) avoid getting their letters typed on a system or scanned and scanners are less available at some shops so they will send us FAX.

    In a nutshell The HP LASERJET HOTSPOT Printer is that one printer which will save us from all the hectic and tiresome work (which was sometime given to me :P since it was so boring dealing with 100s of mails from executives etc) and would enhance our productivity not only for this project but for further upcoming ones also since an NGO like ours will always deal with somewhat similar work.

    Thanks in advance :)

  5. Ramanuj Mukherjee says

    Have you ever been to a mangrove swamp or a tropical jungle choc-a-bloc with wild orchids? Don’t worry – no need to go far – you just need to look under my table.

    Every computer, the modem, the cable internet signal converter, mobile chargers, laptop chargers and all sorts of other wires you can not even imagine has created an unholy eco-system under that table. Usually I need to pull out some of the wires to accommodate the speaker or the printer’s power supply chord.

    The point is that the eco-system under the table is quite messy. Sometimes a I stretch my leg and end up disconnecting the modem or something else without realizing. If I am using my printer, I can’t listen to music on the speaker. Not nice.

    Now imagine I could replace the modem and the printer with one device, all of which can live on a desk and need not go under the table. More legspace. Less wires. Less devices on our crowded tables. You know what difference it will make to our lives in this bootstrapped startup?

    A big one.

  6. Saurabh says

    Printer is the only thing which is missing in my small rented apartment office.
    How efficiently I can use HP Hotspot in my office and how it may help increase my productivity.
    >>> Mobility is the first priority for me to save lots of time for the office I have. I can do a Scan , Fax and most useful wireless Printing which is going to save a lot of time for me to go outside and use public printer or scanner or fax. With the 1 man small office it will be helpful to save much more time and put my effort in earning more business or doing more productive work.

  7. Hrish Thota says

    I run a filmmaking startup called Flaunge.com which can benefit a lot from the following features of HP Hotspot Laserjet pro M1218nfs MFP:

    1) We travel a lot around the world while making our films. It would be great to use the ePrint feature of this printer by directly emailing our invoices to our team in Bangalore who would then courier them to our clients. Clients still like to get printed invoices so our signing authority sitting in Bangalore office will sign it and courier it to the client

    2) We need to scan a lot of documents and rare pictures given by clients to use in our movies. We can quickly do that using this machine

    3) We don’t need to waste money on fixing the router which has gone bad. We can use the printer as a hotspot itself and use it for wifi to upload our completed films to youtube and vimeo quickly so that we can share it with all!

    4) All our filmmakers use Macbook Pros to make their films and edit their documents. Its so simple to use the Airprint functionality of this printer available only to iOS based devices and print on the fly.

    5) It will help us in taking quick printouts of railway tickets and flight tickets as most of the times our smart phones run out of battery and we are not able to show e-tickets to authorities!

    We are a bootstrapped filmmaking startup and we cannot afford to spend on a printer right now which is of huge value to us. So it would be great to win this giveaway and use the printer most effectively!

  8. Rahul Ghosh says

    I am working online for so many years and I never ever used a printer….how the hell did I survive? If I win this one… it can save a lot of my time and I can finally start printing some documentations for my personal use…I was so lazy that I have been delaying this for eternity.

  9. Aarti Gupta says

    I would like to get this awesome printer for my father for his office. He runs a CA firm. With the entire Income Tax department of India now getting more technologically advanced and moving a lot of their activities online, it is inevitable but for CA firms to too adopt technology at a growing pace. My father has been always eager on adopting technology for making his work more efficient and when I read the features of this printer in the detailed review on Trak.in, it sounded just perfect for his office as I could think of so many ways in which this could be of help to him:

    1. The fact that he can just email documents to the printer and they would be printed. He is always on the move – visit to the Income Tax offices, client visits, etc. and he is extremely comfortable with checking and responding to mails on the go on his mobile. This new functionality would make his work extra efficient.
    2. He leaves early at times for the income tax office much before the entire staff comes into office. So, he can also just mail all the tasks for different staff members directly to the printer and they can pick their task lists from the printer as they enter office. This would be the most awesome use case for him.
    3. There is quite some movement of documents between clients and my father’s office. At times, clients send hard copies or soft copies over mail. Even when they send soft copies, office folks have to take a printout of them and file them in their respective files for record purpose. Going forward, we can just ask our clients to email their documents to our printer. When my father goes to the office in the morning, all the documents which came in would be already printed out by the printer.
    4. The wi-fi router at office has been giving a lot of trouble lately. Getting this new HP Hotspot printer, would completely eliminate that. Printer itself would double up as the router too.
    5. Scan feature of this printer would be the most heavily used. Income tax, ROC, etc. all require a collection of documents to be scanned and attached to income tax returns, ROC returns, etc.

    This printer is actually the ideal printer for my father’s office and I would really like to present it to him as a surprise.

  10. I run a small law firm in Delhi and I picked up a HP Officejet 6300 series All-in-One a few years back. The device has served us well – I love the fact that it can send receive faxes, and that it can connect directly to my network, so no machine needs to stay on for various people in the office to use it. While the device has worked great, I think it’s time for an upgrade.

    The more I read about the HP Hotspot All-in-one, the more I’m convinced this should be our next device. It offers all features that our trusted Officejet 6300 series All-in-one does (sans the memory card reader I think, but that’s a small trade off), and offers various additional features. Since ours is a small establishment, I would like to explore if the HP Hotspot All-in-one with its built in hotspot can replace our router for providing Wi-Fi access to our guests. But the thing I’m really looking forward to is Airprint – the ability to print directly from my iPhone and iPad is something I’ve dreamt about for a while!

    Overall, the new HP Hotspot All-in-one definitely seems like a dream device for a small office like ours!

  11. Suresh Kumar says

    Every company create great products with enormous amount of R&D

    I am taking a scenario here, Suppose a man/woman from a village who want to open up Xerox/Interenet shop in thier place will he operates the machine 100% without anyone help? Since he is from viallge he will be the first one to operate in his place then he has to face lot of trouble like risking all the money like 18k Rs in the printer but there will no proper guidance. The persona goal is print papers,scan docs from the cutomers, so will he able to learn by going through manuals? (If he cannot read then he manuals are useless) So in this case he needs one-to-one personal assistance but the company cannot offer to all lakhs of village in india. If company solve this problem then sales will automatically increases since the people are using a product efficiently and they know how to use it well.

    So solution is making a video tutorials of the product, it will be teach a lot then manuals since everyone watch movies , vidoe songs in their dvd players , mobiles etc. Only techies knows how to use it well but the articles /videos made by bloggers are splitted all over web, so make a single pakcage and provide it to customers then customers will go though it and learn it and they can live happily with the product.

    HP Company will be proud , if they can achieve this task .

    Blogger at Softwarebuzzer.com

  12. Venkat K Anumakonda says

    We are a staffing & Consulting company. Our organization have been using HP printers (3) and HP (1) scanners over the last decade and have been very much satisfied with performance and service ability.

    As the times have been changing with employee working preferences require a major overhaul like providing transportation- to minimize the time of commute to & fro office, looking after their lunch/dinner- by providing meal passes & many more…..

    Out of these a worth mentioning is replacing Desktops with Company provided laptops making it easy for people to work from Home. This is where HP Hotspot Laser-jet pro M1218nfs MFP steps in I guess.

    As it has been mentioned in the review that people buying will get 6 or more other features than the regular and same old standard features…..you know what that is a very FANTABULOUS…deal and for a price that is like around Rs. 18,306/- when compared to features is very lucrative.

    And for a company like us, that is much dedicated to adapt to modernization, needs to identify a product that can support the ongoing business needs as well future insight that would be very beneficial towards the overall productivity. For example, the following features play a major role….apart from the traditional advantages;;;;

    a) HP Wireless Hotspot-Direct Print :As most of the workforce uses the laptop, we really would be requiring a Wifi enabled environment making us move around but still be connected. this will also help us to save the space for other 2 printers and scanners we currently use and hire 2-3 more personnel on the workforce to work along with us.

    b)HP Air-print – With this feature, I guess HP is just moving ahead of its competitors as the feature is looking bright for handheld devices like Ipads, Tabs and many other smart phones, which have become cores part of Our organization. Just Print it from various handheld devices removing the need to physically logging in to the computers

    c) Hp ePrint – This is the breakthrough feature as we have many branches in PUNE, BANGALORE, NOIDA that required to work along with the HQ office in Hyderabad Through this feature the life is made so easy I guess. Cannot imagine the happy faces that use this feature during the strenuous team meetings and conferences. Data can be shared just on a click of sec……Way to go HP!!!!!!!!! u almost killed all the other PRINTERS…

    C) Routers/ Networking: This is very very innovative of the HP people to integrate it into this the Laserjet pro printer. A very ideal innovation for a company like us, who are entering on to the modern era of WORKPLACE dynamics…..

    We have been using all-in-ones until now, but this product is very unique. One need to admire the creative thought that the HP guys have bought it…..This is what is called CUSTOMER -SPECIFIC REQUIRED PRODUCT. Just making the daunting PRINTING process look very easy….i might use the word S.M.A.R.T…..

    Last but not least…..Well done Boyz at the HP Team…..You people have not only innovated a new Product …but also have given a new name and definition for ALL -IN-ONE Printers…..thereby setting up a bench-mark for all the PRINTERS who claim they are the same all-in-one printers..

    “””Thats the way the COOKIE CRUMBLES BABY””’ prestigio!!!!!

  13. Pooja Gupta says

    The idea to startup comes at a moment when you least expect it. One day while sitting along with my cousins and generally discussing life and work, we decided that the four of us make an awesome combination to startup. Let me introduce ourselves – Pooja (myself): Computer Science engineer and an MBA, Shaili: Architect and Masters in Urban Planning, Aarti: soon to be Chartered Accountant (awaiting result) and Mohit: soon to be Chartered Accountant (awaiting result). We have decided to start a consultancy firm and take up different projects falling in each of our purviews to start off with and then streamline as we mature.

    The very first thought was to obviously set up our office. We have cleared up one room at our home (we all live together in a joint family) and made it our office – all set with our old study tables now acting as our office tables and our personal laptops have become the office laptops. We are now looking to setup a printer and a wi-fi router and guess what I came across this HP Hotspot printer giveaway on Trak.in. On reading the detailed review, I couldn’t believe that there could be something which aligns so perfectly with our needs. So, this is how HP Hotspot printer is the ideal option for us:

    •Wireless Hotspot: We do not require to setup a separate router for our wi-fi needs. This printer allows upto 8 wireless user connections and we require 4-6 only. So, this would work perfectly for us.

    •Direct Print: Once we have our laptops/phones connected to the printer, we can directly send documents for print to the printer from anywhere within the printer hotspot range. This is awesome as we are not always going to be sitting in our ‘office’. Expect us to be roaming around the home all the time.

    •Hp ePrint: This has to be the most awesome feature of this printer (other than the fact that it also doubles up as a router :) ). All four of us are on the move quite a lot of time. Just the thought, that I can send important documents to be printed to my printer at home while I am away is super. Also, I can hunt for good recipes and send them to the printer and ask my mom to prepare it while I reach home :) (plus points of having your office at home).

    •AirPrint would also come handy when we put our single iPad to use.

    We have already thought of a name for our company – MAPS. It is made up of the first letters of each of our names – Mohit, Aarti, Pooja, Shaili. Now isn’t that nice :)

    P.S.: We are working on our website and it’s yet not live. Thus, I have provided my personal blog address in the form below.

  14. Zainab Zakir Rangwala says

    When was the last time an international product launched in India and China first and is yet to reach the western markets? This simple fact received through my CNET newsletter caught my attention and on doing a search I stumbled upon this contest.

    I along with my husband run a small wholesale furniture store in Mumbai called Alies Furniture. My husband runs the operations and I manage the administration, accounting, email and other computer related work from home.

    My husband is not very technologically inclined and almost never uses a computer or a smart phone. So all the orders we receive through email are printed at home kept for my husband to take along and execute the next day. The same happens for all the other administration work I do from home. Even invoices and estimates are prepared by me and kept for him to send out the next day. So there is a one day lag time in every operation of our business.

    I think I have figured a fantastic way to improve our productivity and product turnover using this printer. Here is what I plan to do:

    # Even though our furniture store does not have any computers, I will still get the printer installed at our store.
    # We will then upgrade our BSNL land line telephone to a most basic internet package and get it hooked to the printer.
    # The printer will work as a standalone productivity solution at our store.
    # All the orders I receive, I will simply email it to the printer at the store using the e-print feature. My husband can deal with it right away instead of the next working day. That is 24 hours saved right there in the turnover of goods. I know I can fax or call, but my husband rarely answers the phone and there were often errors in taking down the order. At about 800 pages a month fax is too expensive.
    # I can also use the e-print feature to send the Invoices and estimates to be sent out the same day instead of the next.
    # The copy function will save our store staff having to walk a couple of blocks to the photo copy shop to get documents copied.
    # Earlier when I was travelling almost nothing got done. So my super sly husband gifted me an i-pad so that I could work when travelling as well and inform him of the orders on the phone. Now I can simply use the air print feature and avoid the pain of having to talk to my husband every few minutes. So this printer could actually make both of us happy. Who knew a printer could actually be a solution to a happy marriage :)

    I know that we are not fully utilising the wifi function. But who knows my husband might finally consider buying a smart phone and at least learn how to use WhatsApp ending up utilising the wifi. I will use the wifi on my i-pad when I go to the store once a week.

    In this set-up we not be able to use the scan feature very much. But maybe HP could use this feedback to create a central server for all scanned documents which can be accessed by logging in through the internet from anywhere in the world. So in our case my husband could simply scan a document in the HP hot spot printer at our store and I could download it at home from the printer website. Hence, I would not have to wait for my husband to come home to get access to documents needing my attention.

    I also know that it is unconventional to use a printer as a stand alone machine without any computers but it will work like a charm for the way we operate our business and completely turnaround our product delivery rates. So I don’t care what people think when they see a printer in a computer-less store.

    Where this printer seals the deal for me is actually on the personal front. We do not have to discuss work every evening when my husband comes home. The HP Hotspot printer would have done all the talking and we can go back to being a happily married couple instead quarrelling work mates.

    Zainab Zakir

    1. Yusuf says

      Sorry You did not win. Your comment deserved the prize.

  15. Pratekk Chturvedi says

    I am setting up a microbrewery in Gurgaon – we are going to open to consumers in a few months time – but based on my “beery” varied beer experiences so far, I can see the value this printer creates for a business like mine..
    The wireless connectivity means lesser clutter, and the printer has multiple functions in so little space… This becomes even more important specially in a place like Gurgaon where space is at a super premium – and one could be running a fairly elaborate business from a smallish office (take our example !! – we are in the business of getting people something so important – good beer)
    Given that alcohol is the most regulated industry in India, it also means that we keep our records up to date at all times, as we could have an inspection at an hours notice – sometimes even lesser – and there could be a potential head-ache in case the resident manager is out for lunch or on holiday… how do you explain the situation to the Inspector !!
    Well, at that time the e-print function could come in handy. The manager who has the records on his/her laptop could directly email the printer from anywhere… (there is seamless connectivity via dropbox and google drive, i.e export to gmail – as attachment – and mail it the printer – or for that matter – print directly via google cloud print), and anyone who is there in the office can just take a print out !!
    Sometimes my lawyer sends me stuff late evening – and it could well be that everyone’s truned off their systems and gone home – and my iphone screen is too small for me to read 12 pages of legal jargon .. At such a time, I could just use the air print feature – and avoid the hassle of turning on any of the other systems.
    In fact, if it hasn’t been launched yet… why not get HP to partner with my company… awesome beer…awesome printer… just makes sense doesn’t it ??!!

  16. Tushar Tajane (TechZoom) says

    As usual, the price caught my attention and then I thought, how a printer in digital era is costing above 15K ! Because, recently we decided to go digital in about everything & thought why would someone need a printer these days… fair enough, isn’t it?

    I would like to share a recent incident gave us a super-urge to have a printer & instantly trolled our own policy of not deciding in favor of the printers.

    Time: 10.30pm Pune India, Venue: A restaurant in central Pune with friends. Suddenly, we realized we need to print 30 invitations + 30 addresses to be pasted over envelopes for a business networking event next week BUT, those invitations were supposed be submitted next day morning at 7:30, failed which, we would have lost on that opportunity.

    We wondered why cannot we send an email instead, but sending a written, printed invitation was a MUST because many of those other business owners are either not a computer friendly or do not check emails daily. (Well, not checking mails daily can be controversial these days but thats a whole different topic)

    Now, what to do? Phones were made to friends having printers in office but since it was late in the night – no one was in office.

    Luckily, one of the friend-of-friends happened to be in his office but was about to leave & we were in middle of a dinner (approx. 4kms away from his office). We had only two choices – 1] Leave dinner and run or 2] Do not print invitations & lose an opp. We picked the latter.

    Thankfully, everything got printed well & we deeply appreciated that friend’s efforts.

    A] What if we had a printer in our office? We wouldn’t have missed a dinner & all the running was not needed.

    B] What if he had a hotspot printer with ePrint facility? We still wouldn’t have missed the dinner + would have saved our friend’s time + He surely could have dropped those prints & join us for a coffee

    With all the features of HP HotSpot Printer – we surely will only be printing important documents but when in a situation – those prints would be truly priceless.

    I can’t wait to know If I win this printer…. Thanks for providing another situation with an opportunity. :)

  17. Puneet Goyal says

    Punar Ecotech (P) Ltd. is a start up dedicated to a greener tomorrow. We are involved in the recycling industry and are currently setting up our office. I am managing the operations for the company. I believe in minimum wastage and always support the idea of a clutter free and wireless environment.

    Being from a family which has been into business for many decades, I have started this venture on my own. When I saw the features of the HP hotspot printer, it looked like it had all the modern networking tools in it. We use online services a lot and our whole email and document sharing is online. We are also totally dependent on online file sharing like google drive, google docs etc. I saw that the printer can be connected to the print option on Google drive as well which would be a boon to my productivity.

    My office is wifi enabled and we work on our laptops. So every time we have to take a print out we have to take our laptop to the printer and connect the wire for a print. But that problem will be solved by the HP hotspot printer!

    Many times I have to print documents remotely. The eprint service seems to be a perfect and much needed feature. Since I do not have very well trained company staff yet and I need to take print outs when I am outside for some work, the eprint will do it for me.

    I’m a big user of the ipad and a lot of times I need to take print outs of email attachments. So then, I need to open the email again on my laptop.. then go and connect the laptop to the printer and then take a print. But again, all that will be solved by the HP hotspot.

    We require a device that offers a combo networking, printing and copying package. I am a techie and someone who uses the features of any electronic device to the fullest, and am quite excited seeing the features of the HP hotspot and thinking about the possibilities with this device. Anything that is so seamless and well connected is a boon to a start up.


  18. Abdulqader kapadia says

    Although the world is transforming into one big paperless office, there are brief periods of time when printing on paper is inevitable.

    I’m a freelance web developer from Pune. I write beautiful and candid code for valued clients from around the globe.

    The impressive and remarkably convenient set of functionality offered by HP Hotspot Printer will undoubtedly help me effectively manage my slender business and communicate with my clientele. The utter thought of HP Hotspot Printer superseding the chaotic jungle of wires around my desk and catering to my close ones makes me jump with joy and merriment.

    The freedom and liberty of connecting to HP Hotspot Printer from anywhere around the world will truly allow me to travel without much worry and solicitude. Because even though being far, I will be just a command or email away from my printing marvel.

    The extensible feature of transmuting a simple printing machine into a hassle-free wireless hotspot is indeed a groundbreaking, advanced and original thought. I’m glad my family and friends will now easily connect to the Internet.

    As valedictory words, I did like thank Trak.in for giving this blissful opportunity to own a HP Hotspot Printer to make my life way easier.

  19. HIRABA says

    HP AN initiator in the world of PRINTERS has once again proved that its efforts and dedication towards its users has continuously increasing since last 25 years.
    With the launch HP Hotspot LaserJet pro M1218nfs it has bought to big relief to all the customers as every small and medium based enterprise look for different ways to save more money and get more with less expense. Especially when it comes to printing.
    HP Hotspot LaserJet pro M1218nfs provides professional, reliable printing as expected by ME and even every one
    IT IS a solution that delivers professional printing at a faster rate and cheaper cost than other printers, while generating significantly less waste.
    As organizations continue to identify ways to increase productivity and reduce operating costs so the use of laser in the office is obvious to grow
    HP Hotspot LaserJet pro M1218nfs has transformed into high-speed, printers with a multitude of features, including, PRINT, COPY, SCAN, FAX, EPRINT AIRPRINT WIRELESS IN HP Hotspot LaserJet pro M1218nfs has made this printer .A want with full satisfaction .now thinking that an extra ordinary version who can give a though competition to this product seems some what impossible and long waiting so investment in such a product would be as fruitful as any thing.

  20. Turab A says

    We run a hardware store in Coimbatore and like most hardware stores our shop is full of clutter. The fax and printer are separate devices and the internet is ADSL wired LAN. The HP hot spot printer seems perfect for our needs as it will help us send away our old fax and printer for recycling.

    The wifi router in a printer is awesome, this means we can go wireless and we just need one plug point for five devices! Again less clutter.

    I will also save so much on my mobile data if I can just stay connected through wifi. The scanner and copier would be an additional bonus that we do not own at the moment.

    The e-print feature is fantastic because like most small businesses we outsource all our accounting and some of our administration work. Now our accountant will just have to email the document to our printer and it will be ready for me to view and file. The Amazon Kindle has a unique email for its devices and I am so glad it has come to printers as well. Just makes so much sense!

    The air print feature would be very handy as I recently bought an i-pad so this means a can straight away send documents to my staff while travelling and they do not need to use my personal computer to check email and print. That itself is at least half an hour saved a day.

    Someone commented, businesses only care about saving time and money. Well, I care about saving time, money and space. This printer will help me save all three. Well done HP, maybe you should market the value of going clutter free through HP!

  21. Rajasekharan N. (MT Herald) says

    My scanner and deskjet, bought in 2001, crashed simultaneously in January, and the service center guys advised to go for new ones as those models have become obsolete and the replacement parts are no longer available. So these days often I run to the nearby computer center for printouts, scans, photostats, and for every other related need for my home office. I am badly in need of a scanner/printer/photocopier for my office but due to budget constraints postponed the purchase to April. A printout or photostat in the nearby computer center is just 2 rupees and a scan is just 10 rupees, so that seemed to be the viable option now. However, it was at the back of my mind to seek information and zero in on a best product, and for the last one-and-a-half months I used to scour the net in my free time for reviews about multifunctional printers/all in ones. It was at this time that your review happened to be on my feed reader, and I almost finalized it as the printer of choice, as it was very much convincing. It appeared as if the HP Hotspot Laserjet pro M1218nfs MFP is specifically made for me. Love at first sight? Furthermore, when your contest appeared on my feed reader, it was a pleasant surprise. It is like getting paid to eat chocolate and thought of blogging about the contest to let my readers also know about this. (Half of my readers are medical transcriptionists from the US. Is this contest confined to the Indian borders?)

    Here goes my mind:

    What I like most with this printer?
    Decluttering my wired home office retiring the router, scanner, printer and going wireless. Wow, my cramped office is becoming Wi-Fi by all means!

    How it would be useful to me?
    As I said earlier, it will alleviate half of my burden eliminating the shuttle between home and the nearby computer center for now.

    What will I be missing the most?
    I would be missing the mind-boggling feature of AirPrint as mine is an Android phone! I am yet to find out if any tweak could be made for that.

    Any extra feature that I would expect?
    Answering machine! (A nutty idea?)

    But why would I only go for HP?
    Having experienced 12 years of trouble-free operation of HP deskjet and scanner (model numbers on request), I don’t want to risk experimenting with others. I would love to showcase those HP models really. Brand loyalty!

    Let me see if Lady Luck is with me this time. Have a good one Arun.

    1. Rajasekharan N. (MT Herald) says

      As always, Lady Luck is not with me this time too. Hope for a better luck next time. Congrats to Turab.

      1. Arun Prabhudesai says

        Do not get discouraged @rajshekharan – All comments except the winners still stand a chance…and there are 3 more hotspots to be won… So dont loose hope :) and Best of luck to others for coming weeks!

    2. Rajasekharan N. (MT Herald) says

      “Dad, it’s a mobile printer! Why do you want to confine printing just at the home office? Take it with you wherever you go. Moreover, it’s gonna be all my friends’ envy which I want to show and be proud of.” This was my son’s reaction when I showed the pictures and explained him the features of the HP Hotspot. Wow, that’s truly mobile! I didn’t actually think about it in that angle. Is this what you call generation gap in thinking? Hey, weighing just 8.3 kg and wire free connections, it will actually be an advantage for my mobile office. Now I gotta check if it can be placed comfortably in the backseat of my car and powered from the cigar lighter socket.

      For the past three weeks since I read the review here, in further discussing with every friend/relative that I came across to get a feedback/idea on the best printer in terms of value for money, the aspects that I am mentioning below churned out of those discussions. I would ask what printer they have at office/home and eventually we would end up discussing the features of the HP Hotspot.

      As the price of the printer is in the upper range, these were the salient points that some of them expected/suggested as it came out of their minds, and if any of them can be incorporated in the future editions of the HP Hotspot, it would be an added advantage:
      1) Automatic printing on both sides of the paper as you see in photocopier machines.
      2) A well lit display/control panel for maneuverability in low light.
      3) Memory card and/or removable hard disk compatibility.
      4) Cheap and easy refill of toner. Adaptability to conventional toner powder. (It seems the introductory toner is capable of printing around 700 pages only and one has to invest again Rs 4000+ for a refill. With HP CC388A toner cartridge costing around Rs 4,018 (MRP Rs 4,229) and yielding 1500 pages, which works around Rs 2.68 per print, I think HP has to definitely revisit this thought in the Hotspot. Read my earlier comment. Any photocopier/computer center elsewhere is charging just Rs. 2 a copy.)
      5) 2G/3G enabled/SIM card slot.

      In lieu of Apple AirPrint, I was able to find an app to connect my Android phone to HP Hotspot which I was doubtful of earlier. Apart from PC-less copy and print, another feature that I love the most is that I don’t have to worry about the driver CDs, which I have been preserving like gold all these days for my earlier printer and scanner. With HP Smart Install, it is just plug and print from any wireless device.

      “Honey, with no printer, no messy cables and wires around the home for the past two months, you are spoiling the space a lot less and have gone environmental friendly too!” This was the reaction of my wife, however, when I explained her in delight of the features of HP Hotspot. Wondering if she too envies my personal secretary, HP Hotspot!

      With so many built-in features that we never thought of even a year ago, I still think it is value for money.

      Eagerly looking forward to the next round of results of my dream printer. Thanks Arun for running this marvelous contest and providing us an opportunity to take part with a minimal set of rules.

  22. Hitesh Ratnani ( S. S Associates) says

    HP Hotspot printer is one printer that stands out and has had my attention the moment I heard about it. I work as a tax consultant so we have this small office with 2 desktops and two laptops. There are two HP laser printers in our office. One printer (which can scan too) is connected to a desktop. The other printer is used by the two laptops as and when needed.
    This complicated setup has always had few disadvantages/problems and I think the HP Hotspot printer will solve them. These are real world problems which are actually faced by us on a day-to-day basis.
    1. We have to use a pen drive to transfer files in order to print through the desktop/laptop with a computer
    2. Sometimes, one has to wait to get print-out or to scan because the concerned computer is being used by someone for important/urgent work
    3. Our work involves a lot of printing so the desktop with a printer is preferred and we do not believe in assigning desktops to recruits so everyone wants to sit on this computer.
    4. We tried sharing all computers & printers over a Wifi-network but it didnt work out due to several reasons.
    5. New recruits complain of getting electric shocks when they touch the exposed portion of printer lan cable while connecting it to the laptop.

    So, we are looking at saving time, money and space by replacing our old laser printer (without scanning function) with an HP Hotspot Printer.

    I feel that the Hp ePrint & AirPrint features will really help us a lot. This will enable me to print from my smartphone, so that adds a new dimension to my smartphone. Earlier, it was restricted to checking email and viewing attachments, now I can print when I am in office as well as when I am on the go.

    I always wanted a completely wireless network at my office but have not been able to achieve it. With an HP Hotspot printer, I am sure that this will be a reality.

  23. ericjose91 says

    This hotspot printer is really worth it at ~ INR19K, I won’t wait for this give away to happen. I really need this now. Its a wholesome product. I need its remote printing, its networking capabilities and everything that this tiny monster has to offer. I never knew there was something awesome like this ever invented and assembled. Last few days have been hard for me co-coordinating the activities of my web development start-up Ericjose.com and I am sure this HP Hotspot will lighten my burden.

    I am going to get this tomorrow, even though I don’t have money to buy. I will buy it on a loan from my IT retailer at Nehru Place Delhi. HP is an awesome company, they allow me to return their products after 30 days if I don’t like it. So I will return it after using when Trak.in sends me this awesome Hotspot printer.

    Trak.in is an awesome Tech and business blog (I have written for Trak.in- http://trak.in/tags/business/author/eric-jose/) and I have been reading it from the day one. And I know the values that its editor and management stands for. As I know the selection procedure for this give away is fair, I will receive this HP Hotspot printer.

    I need this printer.

    Thank you for bringing this printer to light Arun Prabudesai!

    Eric Jose


  24. Razia Rangoonwala says

    There are only two things businesses care about, can a product/service “save them time” or “make/save them money”. Everything else is just mumbo jumbo.

    Having read the review of the HP Hotspot printer, I think this product will save my start-up fashion studio plenty of time.

  25. Yusuf Turab says

    Y T Enterprises (www.ytenterprises.com) is a start up green building consulting firm based in Coimbatore. We have a three year old Epson ink-jet printer. Our business has now grown and we need a upgrade that can take us through at least five more years. The HP hotspot laserjet seems an ideal print solution for our office because of the following reasons:

    – we need to de-clutter our office by getting rid of the router and the extra cable connecting the laptop to the printer.
    – we need best quality print available in the sub 20K range.
    – the cost of maintenance and ink refill needs to be brought down.
    – the printer has to be energy efficient just like every other aspect of our operation is.
    – we don’t own a fax machine yet.
    – paper jams and ink refilling is having a negative impact on our productivity.
    – we have only one printer connected to my laptop, anybody in the office who needs a print has to send the document to me for it to be printed (serious drain on my time).
    – a less noisy printer would be great.
    – We are heavy users of google docs, our entire IT is heavily dependant on google apps.
    – our current printer lacks a document feeder making a simple copy job truly tiresome.


  26. Sanjeev Mishra says

    Feedback about HP Hotspot Laserjet pro M1218nfs MFP -:
    I own a start-up named ‘WebFanzine Media’ (parent company behind Internet Techies and other web tools) and it operates mainly from my home office, but in certain cases, I need to go to places to either meet clients, advertisers or to attend seminars. Right now I use Google Cloud Print on normal wired printer to do the wireless printing so that other team members can get the print out even when I am not around. This ‘HP Hotspot Laserjet pro M1218nfs MFP’ is capable of doing the same job even with iOS devices but the added advantage is that I do not need to keep one of my system ON all the time to get the printout as this ‘HP Hotspot Laserjet pro M1218nfs MFP’ is well connected with the network cable and Internet itself.

    Another advantage that I see with this printer is, it is a really space saver. with all in one features and complete wireless operation allows me to keep this beast anywhere in my office even beside the coffee machine. I hope to receive it from Trak.in otherwise will have to buy it as it appears a must for my office.
    Thanks once again for arranging this awesome give-away. Looking forward to receive one.

  27. Shankarlal says

    Hotspot Printer
    More interstring product from HP for all those who`s office is full of Printers Scenners Fax Machine

  28. Nilam says

    hotspot printer
    Thinking of using this printer in DREAMS is as interesting as using it in Real Life

  29. Namrata Balwani says

    It might sound strange that I was contemplating to buy a new printer at office just last week & this morning, our resident IT expert came up with reviews of a few brands.

    At the same time, I happened to read this post on FB.

    When you go looking for a standard printer & chance upon a contest that offers you 6 additional features, that’s awesome!

    So I went through the review & did my due diligence to understand if this would really solve our needs.

    Must say besides the standard available features, to build a product that identifies with growing business needs require substantial foresight by the manufacturer.

    Print/Copy/Scan/Fax are common features which many others brands have as well.

    However what stands out are:

    1. Wireless Hotspot/Direct Print – as a digital company, the first thing we setup was a complete wifi enabled office so that we all can move around yet be connected. Printers normally languish in a corner & this feature just makes the printer an active part of the office environment.

    2. Airprint – our business requires us to use multiple devices & this feature looks as if HP read our minds. Has phenomenally solved our basic needs while using handheld devices. No more viewing through the Ipad & then logging on to a PC to print your docs.

    3. E-print – this happens to be the most fabulous feature of this product. We have offices in Gurgaon & Bengaluru who frequently co-ordinate with the HO in Mumbai. We often have our calls & there have been instances of wanting to print docs for discussion. The same is required for invoices / agreements generated by them that need to be processed here. This just has made life so easy. It has given the printer an identity in any system. Wow – never heard a printer could have an email id… HP – that’s superb!

    There have been all-in-ones but this product has put life into a printer. Until now, one never would have imagined speaking highly about a printer. We all admire our PCs, tablets, mobile devices, but a printer? It’s usually thought about with a groan because there is some issue making the printing process too long, especially at the most urgent moments. Well, no more the ignored device!

    If we have one in our office, it will get a vantage position!

    Kudos, HP!

    1. Raj says

      This one is an astonishing round up of the requirements and glad that you are the winner.. Congrats Namrata..!

  30. I telecommute for my work. To elaborate, I work from my home-office when I am not traveling. I work for a company called Zoho and we build web and mobile apps across business, productivity and collaboration needs. Our mantra is work online. :-)

    Just like an average web worker, I have set up my home-office with all the basic amenities you can think of (including a wireless printer). However, I miss AirPrint for my iOS devices and the ability to print remotely when I am not in the vicinity of the router. That’s where HP Hotspot printer comes in handy.

    When you collaborate & coordinate with your team sitting 1300+ miles away, there is a lot of time that goes into preparing documents and roadmaps. A lot of it I make on my iPad Mini, save it to Evernote / Zoho Docs and print it later (to proof check), when I turn on my computer. In the given scenario, ability to print documents / fact sheets / mind-maps on the go makes life easier than before.

    Even if one discounts the fact that printing wirelessly is a luxury and not a need, winning a HP Hotspot printer on a blog doesn’t hurt! ;-)

  31. Athul Jayaram says

    HP is not just Hewlett Packard but “High Performance” Delivered. With such a coooool printer, startup is becoming cool too.

    I personally recommend HP printers to all, reason is simple – clearer prints, better impression of my clients in turn success and growth in becoming “Fortune 500” company.

    We are a small team building our logic’s to scan complaints of every individual online without discrimination and turning every problem into a possibility of making world a better place.

    With such a printer we would find the solution for India’s hottest issues (Delhi Rape, Maha Kumbh Rush, 2G Scam, Corrupted Govt), like printing the issues and analysing the data, building flowcharts and discussing with young buds and submitting complaints to top officials via FAX of printer)

    Not just that When I’m abroad I would just send the important agreements to my office via Google Cloud Print.

    HP being an ecofriendly printer I can be sure I’m not making any carbon footprints and make the world younger.

    With availability of genuine HP cartridges I can be sure my clients will have a long lasting impression in my projects.

    I’m becoming the kind of guy who researches on wide topics and convert problems into simpler solution for humanity. With such a printer, I can be sure I am right on findings and submit to various science conferences and entrepreneur meetups. Hence I can shine and be quicker on reaching my goals of getting maximum knowledge and build a smarter planet.

    Society is filled with so many problems, unless there are problem solvers they are suffering, to help the suffering is equal to god blessed humans in turn becoming citizens with high morals, one becoming too good is enough to make his friends too good which in turn the society and hence the planet. It could be time taking but hard work pays off. With help of HP printer hard work could be smart work with less efforts and more results.

    So choose a printer that would make you good and that’s why I love HP

  32. Neil Sequeira - Buzzfactory.net says

    I’ve actually been reading up reviews for all-in-one printers since our startup is actually looking at buying one in the next month as we’re looking to move into a new office space and get some new basic infrastructure going. On reading this review I think the Hotspot just shot up to the top of my list since I think the features are pretty impressive and I can see us literally getting started in a new space with one of these. To be honest the only downside I can see is the pricing may be a little over what we had budgeted to spend for an all-in-one next month.However, I’m still going to do some “showrooming” and try and see one at a retail outlet since it could actually replace other devices we’ll need to get started in a new space like a wireless router / efax etc in which case the extra cost could make sense. The main features that caught my attention in the review which I can relate to setting up a new space and infrastructure for our current 7-8 person startup team and beyond are:

    1. The ePrint feature….it’s insane!! We’re working with clients that are remotely located in different cities and countries. We also have a business development team that is on the other other side of the world for us that needs to regularly send us quotes, proposals, documents, invoices and other documents. The idea they can simply send it to an email id we share with them that automatically prints those documents here at our startup office and we can pick them up and file them here for the records is amazing. It beats having to fax things like this by a long shot and would be really useful for what we do.

    2. We generate content daily. As a social media agency it’s a big part of what we do and while you design something (especially posters / collateral) that also gets used offline along with going out on social media channels, it helps to print out a copy, check the design, fonts, layout etc. we’re currently using an HP Deskjet 1000 (bootstrapped startup budget constraints) but a LaserJet would really help get better prints. There’s a considerable amount of offline content which clients send to convert to digital so we can use them across social media channels like menu cards, collateral in print, photographs from the pre-digital era and more so being able to scan is a major feature we’re looking for in the next printer which the current one doesn’t have.

    3. The wireless hotspot is something I wouldn’t have expected from a printer and is really the first thing we need when we setup a new space in the next month to start working from the time we can move in. Since we currently have a BYOD (bring your own device) setup where everyone brings in their own laptops and mobile devices to work, having an HP Hotspot would act as the core networking & office infrastructure. It would almost literally allow us to plug n play from day one without requiring an expensive networking setup to be installed before we can move in. If we do cross 8 connections, we can use an existing home wireless access point to extend the wireless setup which would be a lot more cost effective than a one time cost purchasing a bigger wireless router.

    On it’s own the ePrint feature really pushed this printer to the “must see” all in one printers on my list and it it would be a great asset to have for our startup especially at this point when we’re looking for a fresh setup that will help us work better and move to the next level. The HP Hotspot is definitely a wishlist item for any office setup…it’s on mine for sure!

  33. Honey Singh says

    I have seen various office vs printer jokes and have faced the similar scenario many times in the office when there is any issue with the cartridge, paper jam or with the wire & network.

    Some times getting a printout from the printer is like going for a battle so we have decided to switch the printer but alas, after sometime (1 year) we started facing the same situations. It took lot of resource and it’s better to avoid these things with a better alternative or process.

    Before starting i just wanted to defined the efficiency in my own terms with respect to official usage of printers.

    1. Efficiency is an action designed to achieve the cause in minimum amount of .
    2. Efficiency in general describes the extent to which time, effort or cost is well used for the intended task or purpose.

    Now, if i can calculated how efficiently i can process my printout & manage the prints remotely then this is something which will save my time & efforts.

    If i get a printer which have a better options then i would use it in following maner:

    1. Almost all my doc is shared between office team via “Google Docs” & “Dropbox”. As if now if i have to get any printout then it took my 10-20 minutes.

    With the help of HP Hotspot i can:
    A) Get the printout on the go and can save almost 15 minutes of struggle.
    B) Ask anyone in the office to get the printout and save 30 minutes of troubleshooting for them.

    2. Isn’t it beautiful that i can simply forward a mail while driving (take a side break, avoid using mobile while driving) & get the work done without adding extra to-dos on my list.

    3. In order to scan & mail a document i don’t have to left the desk & concerned about the attachment size.

    4. I have 4 wireless devices & 3 other office systems which can always access the Hotspot at the same time and that too wirelessly.

    5. I think i can save extra 10-15 minutes with the help of e-print, while doing work on firebug, wireframes and surfing through other interesting website.

    PS: I have very painful stories with the printers and for the sake of that i wanted to share this comment :)


    Honey Singh

    1. Rajasekharan N. (MT Herald) says


      1. Honey Singh says

        Oh… Thanks Rajasekharan!
        So my agony against printer have some values :)

  34. Siddharth Vyas says

    Following are the best features :

    Wireless printing and internet access.
    Print high quality documents with Indian fonts as well.
    Send & Receive fax after getting it attached with PC.
    It even supports 19 ppm letter / 18 ppm A4.
    One click install with HP Smart Install.
    Easy wireless internet access to connect with mobile devices and PC anywhere.
    Supports HP e-print as well and supports printing virtually from anywhere.
    Supports Air Print means wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
    Supports wireless direct printing for supporting other mobile devices.
    Supports connecting MFP to PC via high-speed USB 2.0 port.
    Consumes less energy with HP Auto ON-OFF Technology, Instant on Technology and Instant on Copy.

    This printer can be set up by simply switching it on and connecting it to an Internet connection. The rest of the users can connect to the printer’s hotspot and use it as a simple network connection without the need of a router on the network.Configuiring this is very simple.

  35. Naweed says

    I am an independent programmer and blogger, and often feel the need for printer-related functions, chiefly to help myself learn and stay relevant.

    The current solutions I use come with a steady supply of hassles.

    The HP Hotspot Printer presents itself as much more than a printer; it stretches the horizons of printer technology with useful value additions, something we all have yearned for in a long time. It promises to swiftly sound the death knell for many day-to-day troubles faced by courageous small business owners.

    With the HP Hotspot Printer in my possession, I could possibly be several times stronger in claiming the whole world to be my own office!

  36. Ranjan Varma says

    Rs 18K+ seems to be high, especially since I may never use the wi-fi or set print commands from i-phone/iPad. But the giveaway sounds attractive any day :)

    Now since I have not used it (so can’t review) and I would like to get it if it comes free, I could possibly recount how will I use it. Here it goes:

    My business include a description of the services and possibly an agreement with individual investors. It follows with a detailed written document that is customized for an individual. And my customers like to things to be in paper and just emails is not the preferred option.

    So, an awesome printer from HP via Arun will help.

  37. Prasant(Lighthouse Insights) says

    After reading the review I can justify why HP Hotspot would be the best fit for our small home/office :)
    1. As you said it is a perfect for any startup and making it a wire free and having features like copying, etc. makes life is easy for our 2 member team that is in online media venture.
    2. Out of all the features I am fan of two: one is the ePrint and the ability to print directly from Google Docs. Even though I don’t believe in printing too much but then there are some which you can’t avoid and printing from any where is the coolest thing to have.
    Google products for startups is the best thing to have and the integration makes even cool with HP.

    So yes this would definitely add to the productivity of our startup. Fingers crossed :D

  38. Devashree Dave says

    Advantages of HP ePrint :

    e-mail clients have been tested by HP ePrint*:

    Outlook 2003, 2007
    Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail
    Apple Mail (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Pro )
    BlackBerry mail client
    Nokia/Symbian client (Nokia)

    HP ePrint will print e-mail attachments for the following file types:**

    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Excel
    Text files (.txt)
    Images (bmp, jpg, png, gif, tiff)

    Almost all formats and email clients are supported here.

  39. Arun Vyas says

    For a small business and for less than 20,000 INR you get an all in 1 printer that also does routing and Wi-Fi, think about it, it is a really great deal.It’s a LaserJet.

    HP ePrint allows us to print from our smartphone or tablet directly to our ePrint-enabled printer from virtually anywhere.

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