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Top 5 NGOs In India Doing Stupendous Work!

Many NGOs and organizations for social change have mushroomed in India in the previous decade but very few have expanded on the basis of scale and the impact on the community. After all, it’s a herculean task to scrape through red tapism in the government to be able to establish an NGO in the first place.

And considering the lack of transparency in transactions in our country, donations and sponsorships too are not easy to receive too. In spite of all these hurdles, there are a few NGOs that have made substantial social impact in India until now.

Smile Foundation


Formed in 2002, the Smile Foundation promotes the cause of education amongst underprivileged children. The people behind the Smile Foundation have envisaged children to be the building blocks of the future and hence have developed programs ranging from healthcare, education, livelihood, women empowerment to a system where privileged children can help their underprivileged counterparts.

To cite a more familiar example, the award winning documentary “I am Kalam” that was based on a cause for children was supported by the Smile Foundation.

Visit the website for more details: Smile Foundation

Nanhi Kali



Nanhi Kali is a sponsorship project that was started by Anand Mahindra in 1996, with the aim of breaking the vicious circle of poverty in India by educating the girl child. In partnership with 21 others NGOs that help the Nanhi Kali project to implement its cause, every sponsor gives a selected girl child the required academic and material support.

You too, can sponsor the education of a girl child with just Rs. 2400 or Rs. 3600 a year and get regular reports regarding her progress. Did you know that the goal of Project Nanhi Kali is to support education for 1,00,000 girl children by this year end?

Visit the website for more details: Nanhi Kali

GiveIndia Foundation



Most of you might have heard about the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ celebrations that find national coverage in the Indian media each year. This week of giving is hosted by GiveIndia Foundation which doesn’t do hands-on grassroots community work, but holds a unique position amongst Indian NGOs because. Why? Because it acts as an online and offline donation platform for more than 200 Indian NGOs that have been scrutinized through the GiveIndia scanner for their transparency and credibility in operations.

If you donate through GiveIndia, they will tell you exactly where your money has gone and follow it up with a feedback report. This organization for social change set up by an IIM-A alumnus has been the recipient of many awards for their work in creating accountability in the area of donations.

Visit the website for more details: Give India



Listed by Forbes as India most powerful rural entrepreneur organization, Goonj has overtaken several milestones in adding value to the community in the past.

With the famous “Vastra Samman” program, Goonj has mobilized recyclable and re-usable items like clothes, books, grains, exports surpluses and much more from urban to rural centers.

With many donations points across the country, Goonj has been successfully channelizing more than more than 70,000 kgs of material every month, has a team of more than 300 volunteers and partners with 250 other organizations.

Visit the website for more details: Goonj

HelpAge India



Set up all the way back in 1978, HelpAge India has been providing support to India’s abandoned, poor and isolated elderly folk. Amongst many other ancillary functions to support the grey population of India, HelpAge India plays a critical role in influencing policy change for the elderly in governments and providing emotional and material support to the abandoned elderly.

From opening physiotherapy centers to sponsoring cataract operations, from providing help lines for the elderly to help them understand and fight for their rights, HelpAge India has come a long way. Did you know that this NGO also represents its cause in the National Planning Commission of India?

Visit the website for more details: HelpAge India

Whether you have monetary resources to give away or your time to be donated with some hands-on community work, you have many transparent donation options in India to choose from. With a variety of methods of giving now available, make sure you do your bit of good towards the society!

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  • I have an ngo idea but nkt able to decide how to start it. Basically my idea is that now a day many people are not able to get loans either because of the high rate of interest rate of beacuse bank dont give them. I have aan idea that we will take donations from people whomsoever want to give they can give the money and i will keep the money in bank. Normally a bank gives maximum of 4? rate of interest on savings account and take a minimum of 9-10? of rate of interest on any kind of loan . So i thought that the donation which gets collected i will keep it in bank so bank will give 4? interest and till that i will find the people who are actually in neend of thar money and promise and guarantees to pay money back so i will provide them with money with 5? rate of interest So it will be beneficail to them as they get their money at the time of need and also with low rate of interest and our donationis also utilised and every time we get a fix rate of interest of 4? so as time willmpass money will make.more money and indirectly make us capable of giving more funds to more people and our reach will extend. So anytime we will have the money to help some needy and we wont get inti loss. I have this idea i want to know what are the breakpoints of it where all places this idea cango wrong please do help. And give suggestion so i could think upon it.Thank you.

    • Good idea please let us know we are ready to join hands with you in implementing this. First of all we need to either register ourselves with RBI or any existing player in the market. Generally mutual funds support higher interest rates, but do not give guarantee for the principle, we have to work on a model where the fund operator gives a guarantee for the principle, and the interest. I will be available on vedakiran@yahoo.com. Regards Venkata Kiran

  • Hi I am Jagdish Suresh Kelshikar Doing independent social work. Received letters for Bravery Award from MP, MLA, Mayor of Mumbai, Since waiting for Award to Receive. Regarding social work done by me in Railway accident and other social work carried by me. My calling number 9821318695 Mumbai Maharashtra India

  • Respected Sir One mother’s appeal to admit any hostel/Ashram for free residence and education for her girl child of about age 10 years(Joyti Pal studying in class 2) residence of Hemanta Nagar, P.O-Jugberia,Dist.-North 24 Pgs,Kolkata-700 110 . Father Mihir pal , mentally patient and mother maid servant) another two girl child they have(8 years and 3 years) and another deaf and dumb girl about 11 years and studied class 4. Asim Kumar Mallik,running an ngo working free coaching /tution for country liquor producer ‘ s children.

  • Sir , there is a lady in our area she got mad, she is unmarried only her father is there to take care of her. Because of poor economic condition they are unable for treatment . Pls guide. 8255041997

  • Hello sir, I am prajapati music director in film industry, & I have some composition which is based on girl child harassment.. & I will proud to release it for this organization. Its my small contribution !!! Contact: 8600690388

  • Hey friends most of the NGOs in India are working with conversion in mind , so I am very upset with our missionary NGOs…………………..Though I know one or two NGOs with good credentials………………….Came across this list of top 5 NGOs which are not involved in Conversion actiivities…………..http://wp.me/p72cA6-op You may think to donate these NGOs

  • dear sir, we are from Assam, we are a team of 40 people, worked in a project of Assam. we need job. if possible plz help us.

    • Dear Firdos, Please share your contact details we are having jobs for everyone all over INDIA. Please conatct me 07503022092 Regards, Rajesh Sharma

  • it is so good to see people care about the social issues and are also ready to take steps for the betterment. Once such NGO in Bangalore is Ashirvadam. It provides funds and grants to NGOs and also individuals striving to uplift society

    • We are publishing Hindi weekly “Dalit Adivasi Duniya” from Delhi for the last 15 years.The weekly is exclusively dedicated for the issues of Adivasi people of India. We have also NGO named “Mahila Mitra Mandal” with FCRA and all documents like 80G,12A etc. Your guidance and support is solicited.

    • nanhi kali ngo is very bad ngo it has not done any work for anyone it is only demanding for donations it has only profile, photo and other things but it doesn’t have any list of work done by it because they have not done in work so why they will put list of their works

  • I want to support 1 child with studies and other living needs. Kindly guide with the reliable child support organisations in India.

  • Awsome article. NGO’s are real gamechangers! Now they should start concentrating more on wildlife consrevation, reforestation and preserving the nature. Also funding for education of the poor. It’s time for the gamechangers to step up their level!

  • Multiple of NGOs r mushrooming in.developing India. Do we really have a stable career oppurtunity in.this field.

  • I remember once I participated into ‘Joy of Giving Week’ which had been celebrated in my school 4 years ago, it was fun to do such things in school as many don’t understand why we are doing this. Once asking for donation a parent questioned me regarding ‘Joy of Giving’ like “why this school is wasting time into such celebration rather teaching pupils?” I had no answer to that Q. Maybe I didn’t knew what is ‘Joy of Giving’ then, OR maybe I wasn’t motivated towards its cause. But now I am love this week, and I donate as much as possible in this whole week, from soft-toys to my old dairies(unused ones), I give all to super cute children’s. I had seen many NGO, School & College children’s distributing juices in this whole week of ‘Joy of Giving’ to all pedestrians on footpaths, railway stations, local markets, etc

  • the work of a NGO is not easy task. some times NGOs make tuff task very easy and simple. when people in trouble

  • Respected Donor, I am Namdev Kamble, a social activist from a tiny and Backward Part of Maharashtra State(India) The Jath village, village located in the vicinity of SANGLI District represents a Non profit Organization “The JAT TALUKA BAHUJAN SHIKSHAN PRASARAK MANDAL”. The Circle is a “Social Transformation Initiative” spearheaded by committed Social workers towards ensuring education and empowerment of neglected and vulnerable people and enables them to have a Life with Dignity at par with other citizens. This Voluntary Organization registered under Charitable Society Act with Registered No. 9223 has pioneered with major focus on education and health and created a base for the hitherto neglected sections to swim against the odds and achieve quality life and are searching for avenues and tools from Government Organizations, Non Government Organizations, International Institutions, and the individuals who believe in joining their hands to support and mainstream the lives of thousands of unlucky people in and around the region. Our Vision: To see that a Human Society devoid of inequalities, injustice, oppression and discrimination emerges and ensures opportunities for each and every human being to grow and develop their faculties to attain maximum usefulness and live a life with Peace and happiness. Our Mission: Transformation and Reformation towards creating an stable society with knowledge, good health, capacity and achievements and spreading human values, livelihoods, ethics and peace through activities in harmony with Eco Systems. In this regards, our trust have undertaken Several work for the benefit of the people in this region . This region is very backward and due to poverty , we came across several Cancer, AIDS/HIV+ve patients especially youths but they are unable to take medical treatment due to social stigma and high cost . Besides, there is no such Medical Hospital facilities for specialized treatment for which they have to travel to nearest areas. Therefore our trust have decided to start the following project for the benefit of general Public as listed Below a) To set up Rehabilitation Centers at 4 places for the AIDS/HIV+ve patients. b) To set up a 300 beds Super specialty Hospital in this area for Treatment and to serve the Humanity. c) To develop the nearby village for comprehensive health coverage and upliftment. The total cost of the proposed project is Rs. 20.06 Crores. We plan to take up these projects in phases in 3 years so that full benefit of these are utilized by the weakest part of the society .A detailed Project Report is enclosed for your perusal and necessary action. We request you to kindly donate for this noble cause. We would be very grateful for any donation or assistance you can provide. Even a very small contribution would be beneficial and encourageous to us. I have included a brochure that tells more about ‘THE JAT TALUKA BAHUJAN SHIKSHAN PRASARAK MANDAL’. For more details Please visit our website http://www.jabspmngo.org or for feel free to give a call to undersign. Thank you for giving your valuable time to read this mail. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Looking forward to a positive response. Regards Namdev D. Kamble President At-Post Yeladari Tal-Jath District-SANGLI State Maharashtra India 416404 Tel 91 2344 246777 Cell 91 8806494722 91-9421130061 Jath Village SANGLI Dist Maharashtra State India Regards Namdev D. Kamble President At-Post Yeladari Tal-Jath District-SANGLI State Maharashtra India 416404 Tel 91 2344 246777 Cell 91 8806494722 91-9421130061 Jath Village SANGLI Dist Maharashtra State India

    • hello sir i have new ngo “human wellfare society”up in jaunpur distic.i want contact with u sir 9136923985

  • i m very sorry to say that most of the NGOs preferred to working in plane areas ,there they approached easily,most of the villages in JAMMU & KASHMIR is badly effected and no one is ready to work there.i had seen that still many children’s are not going to schools are left the schools in half way due to over burden of the rest families,earlier marriage is the second issue,child labour,child abuse,many types of disease etc.

  • We have started a support blog for NRI’s in UAE as they contribute a lot for Indians in Gulf countries and also in India. As a part of it we started our blog to support Galfar Md Dr P Mohamed Ali who basically hails from Kerala. Galfar Mohamed Ali has contributed and helped a lot for all the Indians in UAE. Please visit the below link to support Galfar Mohamed Ali. http://supportdrpmohamedali.com/

  • There are plenty of NGOs in India and most of them differ from each other in one way or another. Here is one more NGO Annamrita which runs midday meal scheme for school children across India. It caters over 12,00,000 meals everyday from 20 kitchen centers across 8 states.

    • Dear Sekhar, We run NGO in Solapur ( Maharashtra ) Shantai Anathashram, our NGO need help as a donation Or Request – our NGO need help from you by any type as per your possibilities. You can make online donation by using http://simplygive.org.in/donate.php Click the Charity name / shantai anathashram, solapur. Then you make the donation to our NGO.

  • Sir/Madame, I was working in a money marketing of Durgapur, West Bengal, after the case of Sharda Company, our company also not returning the maturity of customers, so I would like to request you to kindly do some favour, if you have any provision for this kind of case.

  • r/sir, pl send it to write place because i have not more knowledge about so pl support it for noble causes. hello sir, i have get so many training MANAGE agriculture institute hydra bad, INDIA .livestock training I.V.R.I. berreley u.p . national institute of agriculture. marking Jaipur etc. i have20yr. experience in t.v. prog.production in rural, agriculture, self employment, health awareness,ladies child and social issues.i produce i produce so many program format this type of subject for welfare mankind. now i feel i doing much work and i fully devoted to agriculture work and i work for rural youth and child and woman welfare. and as well as i lot of work to do for this field. i have so many unique ideas which i get to when i work on this field. this ideas not very expensive only this type of problem we solve when we help together. i am fully confident about this noble cause. but without any support this is not possible and susses. so pl understand my vision and support my goal. after this success model implement everywhere. pl cont me 09826425573. my e maildevendraverma34@yahoo. co.in. thanks n regards pl.cont me. again i say i am not a very good writer and i cant a draft this letter very nicely, but this vision is very noble and this not only for the single country but welfare for the hole mankind. pl. think and support it. i am also write so many article on agriculture and self employment articles. hello sir, i am working for sports promotion (various sports activity)science last 19yr. i work done so many television prog. produce on this subjects,my vision to supports to sucsess stories of players and related to this field. i produce regular and live sports events and documentary.as well as i work for and traditional minor games which is unique.in this connection i request to you in this field i have some ideas which is not very expensive but very necessary for world sports promotion. my mobile no.09826425573, e mail- devendraverma34@yahoo.co.in pl call me and i will explain all maters. ( sports promotion and welfare very necessary for society now these days) thanks and regards.

  • Dear sir or mam,iam from jagdalpur bastar dist chhattisghar I have completed btech and interested to work for our society I want to open NGO to help the people so plz give me advice as am not working but to open NGO money is required so plz help I really want to do something to people

  • Dear Sir/Ma’am, Greetings.. I am an electrical engineer and working with Indian MNC, having +13 years professional experience. posted at Bhopal. My native place is Tehsil Amarpatan- Satna-MP-India . I want start working as a social worker for poor childrens and women and old aged parents who are unable to survive. Kindly advice how i can be associated with your NGO. I have very good contacts with local citizens. Gratitude, SB Singh Rathore M: +91 88789-48000

  • Our NGO Rapid Response making huge impact in flood affected communities in Uttarakhand. Please visit and donate. Thanks. http://www.rapidresponse.org.in

  • Narayan Seva Sansthan is one of the best charity organization.Since 1985, over one lakh polio afflicted people have been freely and successfully operated under Narayan Seva Sansthan’s move towards self-dependence of the handicapped. Sansthan has bagged Limca Award for the record number of polio operations. Our aim is work for the ‘Free OF Cost’ treatment and the rehabilitation of the poor, destitute, disabled people. To bring the disabled people into the main stream of the society by making them stand and walk on their own feet their after ‘free of cost ‘ corrective surgery their by developing self confidence within themselves to become self-sufficient , on their own. The organization has engaged itself in different educational, social and medical services for the persons well as that needy, especially from the tribal belt. It is maintaining and orphan children hostel and a residential school for the blind, deaf-dumb and mentally retarded children. In order to make them self dependent sansthan is providing training of sewing,carpentry,bamboo work etc. and also has vocational training center providing courses on computer servicing,T.V./V.C.R. repairing etc. The other aim of Narayan Seva Sansthan includes the ‘ free of cost’ services activities such as distribution of calipers, laboratory tests of patients suffering from polio and by birth other disabilities, medical examination of patients, physiotherapy , boarding & lodging, education vocation training etc. Tha organization losts of Awards. visit http://www.narayanseva.org https://www.facebook.com/NssUdaipurIndia

  • You missed RDT. rdtfvf.org/? Rural Development Trust (RDT) has been carrying out need based welfare and integrated programs of development for rural poor and needy especially …

  • Sai Educational Rural & Urban Development Society (SERUDS) is a voluntary organization (VO), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), non profit charity created by likeminded people who are up to making a difference in the society by working for the holistic development of poorer communities focusing on care for elderly, destitute women and underprivileged children. SERUDS has been working in the rural & urban slums for the last 8years and has made inroads into rural & urban development in the state of Andhra Pradesh. SERUDS NGO India works for the empowerment of under privileged, vulnerable and needy sections of the society particularly Children, Women and Youth. SERUDS approach is to address the health, education, environment, economic, cultural issues of the society. SERUDS India NGO aims to facilitate for the self-sufficiency and overall development of all irrespective of caste, creed and gender. SERUDS a NGO in India works in diversified activities like awareness creation, capacity building, skill development, sustainable livelihoods, rural & agricultural development and slum development. It also provides relief to victims of atrocities, harassment and natural calamities like drought & floods. Visit http://www.serudsindia.org for more details on the activities . SERUDS has been a committed organisation and to continue the good work are looking for funds. If you are seriously interested in participating yourself for the social cause you can donate using the following link: http://www.serudsindia.org/donate.html


  • The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Ngo in India, runs one of the world’s largest mid day meal program. Akshaya Patra distribute freshly cooked, Nutrition meals daily to 1.3 million underprivileged children in 9,000 government schools through 20 kitchens in 10 states across India

  • Helpage India is really a very good organization. Even when I was in the school 7 years back. We had various social activities. Full support! Thanks for sharing the great contribution to the World!

  • I would like to know how did you arrive to rate them as top ngos.. there are many ngo working at grassroots in villages helping a large number of beneficiaries.. though I am not taking anything away from these ngo too… but I feel that a systematic manner of ranking can be developed like no of beneficiaries, amount of income increased..etc.

  • Do not donate World Vision. They are using our money to spread christianity and to convert children to that religion.

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